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This guide will help you increase profit potential from online currencies

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"We believe that Ripple will change the way the world thinks about and uses currency through universal access to a trusted, transparent, and easy-to-understand multi-currency financial tool"

Chris Larsen – Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Ripple

"It’s clear to me that Ethereum is the new currency of the internet. It’s way ahead of where PayPal was in its day, and it’s much more exciting to its customers than PayPal ever was"

Gil Penchina – Vice president and general manager at eBay

"online currencies is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value"

Eric Schmidt – CEO of Google

To trade online currencies successfully Follow these 2 simple steps...


Start by leaving your details with us.

You will be contacted by a crypto specialist to help and guide you in the process.

There are many different platforms on which you can trade online currencies.

For newbies we strongly recommend choosing a trusted and easy to use platform that provides the right guiding and trading tools.


Activate your account

Once the account is activated and funded with the initial deposit, you will be able to open your first trades and positions into the market!


Neutral Trend:

The price is moving sideways, we don’t do anything.

Let's get started!


Register and Open an account on e-markets trade – our recommended platform.


Fund your account with minimum of

250 USD


Is it secured?
Yes, our recommended trading platform comply with the highest standards of security and privacy.
How do I withdrawal my balance?
You can withdrawal your funds to your Visa \ Master card or to your bank account 24/7.
Are there any fees on deposits and withdrawals?
There are no hidden fees on deposits or withdrawals.
Why do I need to deposit a minimum of 250 USD?
To place your first trades on the platform you require to have a minimum balance of 250 USD.
What is the minimum amount required to place a trade?
With our recommended platform, the minimum amount per trade is 5 USD.